Happy Holidays folks 🎄🎅☃.

Another quick blog update.

Not quite interested to specifically focus on Youtube here, but I seem to draw inspiration to blog as I’m browsing websites. I normally find the inspiration as things frustrates me, not too mindful of blogging when there’s features that bring me some delight.

Every now and then there are some exceptions… like now.

Have you heard of this site called Youtube?

(whenever pausing a video (outside of Youtube)).

What did they do? Well on Mac they released an update to allow you to go full screen, it actually puts your browser in full screen mode… Hmm ok thats as expected. But its when you want to get out of full screen it becomes a hassle.

Related Videos Image

As shown with the Gif above, such a great usability / UX update that allows me to scroll out of Full Screen Mode.

Great Job Youtube, Very Cool!

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